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7 Ways To Relive The Magic Of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

So you just saw Mad Max: Fury Road—maybe for the first time, maybe for the third or fourth time. In any event, you can’t get the sounds and images out of your head. You’re completely obsessed with the characters, with the entire Mad max world itself, and just can’t get enough of it all. And you’re wondering if there’s anything else that you can do, besides going to see the movie yet again, to extend the magic for as long as possible and to stay immersed in the fictitious world.

Happily, yes, there are some things you can easily do to keep the Fury Road magic alive. Here are seven of them!

1. Read the ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ prequel comics



From Vertigo Comics, this is a limited miniseries that relates events leading up to the film, filling in some narrative gaps that the movie only alludes to indirectly. The first issue (see our review) is already out. The others are coming out June 17th and July 8th, respectively.

• Nux & Immortan Joe #1 (out now)

• Furiosa #1 (on sale 6/17)

• Mad Max #1 (on sale 7/8)

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2. Browse through ‘Mad Max: Fury Road Inspired Artists’



Also from Vertigo Comics, this is a collection of comic art by various artists inspired by the movie including some very big names like Jim Lee. Just so you know, though, there’s no story in this book. It’s all art. (See our review.)

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3. Check out ‘The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road


From Titan Books, this is not to be confused with the book above from Vertigo Comics.  The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road has been selling like hot cakes and is a behind-the-scenes look at the development and production of Fury Road with beautiful galleries of concept art for the film.

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4. Listen to the ‘Mad Max: Fury Road: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’


mad max soundtrack

This is almost the next best thing to actually seeing the movie again since the music will remind you of certain scenes and moments. Only, it’s great because you can do this while working out or driving such that the Mad Max feels can supercharge your daily tasks. (See our review.)

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5. Play the ‘Mad Max’ video game



Can’t wait for this. If you haven’t yet seen the latest trailer for this, it’s almost like a whole other Mad Max movie unto itself, only this time Max himself seems to be the central character. As far as we can tell Furiosa isn’t in it at all even though the game does seem tied into the events of the film somewhat. Well, why not. Let Max have a little glory too, right?

[Update: read the review here]

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6. Watch the ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Blu-ray



In the end, all roads lead back to Rome—or rather to Fury Road. Here’s hoping the Blu-ray will contain some neat special features, and apparently George Miller has already stated that it will contain a black-and-white version which should be interesting.

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7. Book a ticket to Wasteland Weekend


Why stop with the movie and its tie-ins? Take the next step from fantasy into reality by attending the world’s biggest Mad Max-influenced post-apocalyptic festival, Wasteland Weekend, which seeks to be as immersive as possible by requiring all those who attend to be wearing some sort of post-apocalyptic costume or clothing.

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