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Valhalla! War Boys Approve Of Silver Spray On Amazon



In an amusing development that takes fan role-playing to a delightful new level, Mad Max fans pretending to be War Boys have been leaving rave “reviews” for Wilton’s Silver Color Mist spray, a food-grade dye often used on desserts (something similar to this was probably used in the film as well so as to not poison the actors).




There’s a storm of these reviews flooding the product page and increasingly more by the hour as other fans find out about this and partake in the fun. The fans have even taken it upon themselves to work in Wilton’s customer service department for free by putting together¬† an FAQ section:



Now if I were the CEO of Wilton right now I’d be ecstatic. There is truly no better form of advertising than this sort of organic, spontaneously fan-driven publicity.

Wanna see more War Boy reviews? Head over to the product page and witness or, better yet, become shiny and new yourself by grabbing a can of this stuff before it surely sells out. Valhalla awaits you! Oh, what a spray! What a lovely spray!





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