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FURY ROAD trailer song “Save Yourself” released on iTunes

Back when the “Retaliate” trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road came out, once fans had gotten over being stunned by the breakneck intensity of the action sequences, some of them started noticing a haunting bit of background music that starts at the 1:00 mark in which a shimmering voice sings, “Save…your…self.”

That voice belonged to Nashville-based, eclectic singer/songwriter Claire Guerreso who, when the trailer was released, tweeted a modest little plug asking her fans to check it out:

But not many other details about the song were forthcoming and when fans tweeted in response asking where they could purchase it, Guerreso responded that it would soon be available. Well, “Save Yourself” has just officially been released on iTunes and if you liked what you heard in the trailer you can now listen to and own the full version.

While you’re at it, check out Claire Guerreso’s official website and follow her (@claireguerreso) on Twitter.



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