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You Won’t Say Neigh To These Mad Max / My Little Pony Dolls

(credit: Kelsey Wailes)
(all images: Kelsey Wailes)

Okay, now we’ve seen everything.

DeviantArt user EatToast has created a series of figurines mashing up My Little Pony with Mad Max: Fury Road.

All your favorite characters from Fury Road are here, and the level of detail and craftsmanship in these pieces is remarkable. To make them EatToast (Kelsey Wailes) started out with regular My Little Pony toys and used a mixture of polymer clay, acrylics, leather, and faux fur to transform them into Furiosa, Max, Nux and Immortan Joe.

In addition to posting her art on DeviantArt, EatToast also has an Etsy store where she sells her handmade products. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as if the Mad Pony line of figures are for sale, but you can always hound the artist on her Twitter page (@eattoast3) and ask her.

What we love most about these is how each seems to capture an aspect of the character that inspired it. Furiosa looks proud and beautiful. Max looks noble and dignified despite that face harness. Nux is cute and endearing. And Immortan Joe is suitably frightening, only here he’s called My Little Immortan Joe.

Ew, that’s creepy.

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