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The Flamethrowing Guitar in ‘Fury Road’ Was Real

flamethrower guitar guy

In a fascinating interview over at MTV.com, Fury Road production designer Colin Gibson talks about how the flamethrowing effects of that crazy guitar guy was real.

MTV: So wait, the whole thing actually worked?


Gibson: You bet your sweet… George — unfortunately — doesn’t like things that don’t work. I have in the past built him props that I thought were just supposed to be props, and then he goes, “Okay, plug it in now.”


The first version of the guitar which — I think I put too much into the flame thrower, not enough into the reverb. And yes, the flame throwing guitar did have to operate, did have to play, the PA system did have to work and the drummers… Unfortunately, I did get practice in all positions and I’ve got to tell you, the drumming was very uncomfortable at 70 [kilometers] an hour, eating sand.

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Source: MTV.com



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