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Stuntwoman’s Pics Show How Dangerous ‘Fury Road’ Stunts Were

Before his transition into animation, George Miller was always a visceral filmmaker. The first Mad Max trilogy was a premiere example of blood and fire action movie-making, meaning that while the action sequences were staged, they were nevertheless, in certain sense, quite real with no CGI. Miller even famously gave up his own van to be used in a crash scene.

While Fury Road does contain some CGI (like in the storm sequence) it is still comparably sparse compared to other sci-fi films coming out nowadays, and those spectacular stunts are also quite real. Granted, sensible safety measures are taken but it doesn’t stop these kinds of stunts from being dangerous. While some of the film’s roughly 300 or so stunts were done by the key actors themselves, including one that was very scary for both Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, New Zealander stunt doubles Dane Grant and Dayna Grant, respectively, filled in for some of the genuinely insane stunts that required a professional’s expertise. The latter, Dayna Grant, tweeted a series of photos showing her on the set and confirm how grueling and intense the filming of this movie must have been. Take a look.





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