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‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Races Past ‘Fury Road’ At Box Office


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What is the meaning of this?!

Pitch Perfect 2 made an estimate $70.3 million at the box office over the weekend, taking first place and knocking reigning champ Avengers: Age of Ultron from its position.

But who cares about Age of Ultron? What I’m concerned with here is that it way outperformed Mad Max: Fury Road which came in at second with $44.4 million. That’s still a strong opening for a film series that hasn’t had a movie in 30 years, and it’s George Miller’s biggest opening yet, but given the gargantuan budget of the film (reported as being somewhere between $150-220 million), it’s got a long way to go on the Fury Road if it’s to be considered a commercial success.

Which means that it’s got a long way to go if the studio will even consider making the next film, which all we Maxians want. So, War Boys, pound those war drums! Crazy Guitar Guy, play us a killer rev! Now everyone who’s a fan of Mad Max tell your momma, tell your grandma, to go see this movie ’cause, y’know, all the feminism and stuff!

Source: Rentrak



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