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New Argument For The Mad Max Feral Kid Fan Theory?


Back in May of 2015 a new Mad Max fan theory began circulating the Internet that basically suggested that the Feral Kid from George Miller’s 1981 film The Road Warrior is the Max that appears in 2015’s Fury Road. The theory was first proffered on Cinema Blend and then gained steam on places like the /r/MadMax sub-reddit on Reddit. Some writers poo-pooed the theory, like the always genteel Devin Faraci of Birth. Movies. Death who lovingly called the theory “a crock of s**t.” 

Writer Wes Park, one of the early supporters of the Feral Kid theory, has written a new article again arguing for why this fan theory is one that genuinely holds water. To be honest, after reading Park’s article I’m not sure if I’m any more convinced than I initially was when the theory was first suggested in 2015 (i.e., I’m not convinced), but in any event it’s nice to see that Fury Road still has people thinking, theorizing and discussing.

Here’s the link to Wes Park’s article on Gunaxin.com: 

Proving the Mad Max Feral Kid Theory



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