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‘Fury Road’ Stunt Team Will Do Stunts For DCEU’s ‘Aquaman’


Whatever you think about the DC Expanded Universe (aka the “Snyderverse”) series of movies adapted from DC Comics material, it’s now got one positively good thing going for it: one of the main stunt teams for Mad Max: Fury Road has been assigned to be in charge of the stunts for the upcoming Aquaman film starring Jason Momoa.

We don’t yet know a whole lot but about James Wan’s Aquaman film. However we can now at least predict that it’s going to have some insane stunt work. We’d expect no less from the team that brought us the most stunt-acular action film of 2015.

Stunt director Keir Beck revealed his crew was now prepping for the water stunts in the movie:

“You know, if there is water sequences,” he said, “obviously being capable and competent in water [will help].”

Indeed. But the man makes a good point. Mad Max: Fury Road took place in a wasteland bereft of water. Aquaman will take place in an oceanic kingdom. The two worlds are, well, worlds apart.

In any event, if Wan is half as visionary as Miller is, Aquaman should at the very least have more than a few impressive setpieces.

And it’s a great factor the crew is beginning to prepare now: Heroic Hollywood states that the film may begin filming as early as May 2017 and will film not only on Australia’s Gold Coast but additionally in Sicily in the Castle of Venus. May might be a terrific time of the year for a tropical or Mediterranean location as that’s often the time of the year when the weather can be at its best.

Aquaman will star Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, and Willem Dafoe, and will hit theaters July 2018.



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