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Furiosa Is Already Inspiring Lots of Cosplay

One of the handful of things I felt certain of after watching FURY ROAD was that this movie was gonna inspire some serious cosplay. What can we expect to see in the coming months at comic cons and just in general are some War Boys, some Immortan Joes, maybe some Immortan Joe wives, and certainly some Maxes, but most of all we’re gonna see a whole lot of Furiosas.

It’s no surprise. The take-no-s**t attitude and badass swagger of Furiosa will resonate deeply with lots of women and girls, and probably even some men. And in an era when the cosplay scene just keeps getting bigger and bigger, the natural next step to take when you fall in love with a character is to cosplay it.

Here are some Furiosa cosplay we’ve already begun to see popping up on Instagram.

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The mad dash to the #MadMax premiere! #roadwarrior

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