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Mad Max Universe seeks to be the premiere Mad Max fan site and to be for the Mad Max franchise what TheForce.net is for Star Wars.

DC Comics Artists Pay Tribute To Mad Max [Preview]

mad max fury road inspired artists

[This is a preview. For our review, click here] Since DC Comics is owned by Warner Bros., and Warner Bros. owns the Mad Max franchise, it seems fitting that DC would release a new book in time for the release of the new movie. Called Mad Mad Max: Fury Road Inspired ...

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12 Desert Wasteland Movies

At PopMythology.com is a list of 12 movies in the "desert wasteland" sub-genre of post-apocalyptic films to watch while counting the days 'till Fury Road.

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Checking Out The Costumes Of Mad Max: Fury Road


Reporter Drew McWeeny from HitFix.com attended a press event for Mad Max: Fury Road in which some of the costumes from the movie were set up for display. Check out HitFix’s online gallery at the link below. Source: A closer look at the outrageous costumes of Mad Max: Fury Road

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