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Mad Max Universe seeks to be the premiere Mad Max fan site and to be for the Mad Max franchise what TheForce.net is for Star Wars.

The Story Of Max’s V8 Interceptor

mad max v8 interceptor

Paradigm Productions put together a video telling the story of Max's V8 Interceptor. The narrator has a suitably gravelly voice complete with Aussie accent.

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These ‘Hey Girl’ Mad Max Memes Are Everywhere

hey girl mad max

Hey, girl, remember those Ryan Gosling memes? Or maybe you don’t want to remember them, lol. But now someone on Tumblr has been making Hey Girl Mad Max versions memes and they’re popping up everywhere on places like Twitter and Facebook. Here are some examples, and while personally these don’t ...

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Furiosa Is Already Inspiring Lots of Cosplay

furiosa cosplay

One of the handful of things I felt certain of after watching FURY ROAD was that this movie was gonna inspire some serious cosplay. What can we expect to see in the coming months at comic cons and just in general are some War Boys, some Immortan Joes, maybe some ...

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