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Mad Max Universe seeks to be the premiere Mad Max fan site and to be for the Mad Max franchise what TheForce.net is for Star Wars.

Awesome Immortan Joe War Boy Recruiting Poster

immortan joe i want you

This awesome fan poster has Immortan Joe taking on the iconic Uncle Sam recruitment pose. “I Want YOU,” he says, “For War, Boy.”  Indeed! Who designed this? Does anyone know the artist’s name? There seems to be an artist’s signature above the “YOU” but we can’t make out exactly what it says. The ...

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See The Designs For The MAD MAX: FURIOSA Anime That Never Happened

Along with companion projects for Mad Max: Fury Road that came to fruition (the game, the comics, etc.) there were ones that unfortunately didn’t. Before Fury Road had even been released, and long before George Miller announced that the next Mad Max film would be tentaively titled Mad Max: The Wasteland, ...

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THE ART OF MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Is A Must For All Mad Max Fans

art of mad max fury road

Having collected movie tie-in books and magazines since Tim Burton’s Batman in 1988, I consider myself something of a connoisseur when it comes to companion books, and let me just tell you right off the bat that The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road is the crème de la crème of ...

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