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Mad Max Universe seeks to be the premiere Mad Max fan site and to be for the Mad Max franchise what TheForce.net is for Star Wars.

‘Mad Feet’ Is A Brilliant ‘Mad Max’ and ‘Happy Feet’ Mashup

mad feet mad max happy feet

This is seriously one of the most well done mashup videos I've seen. And if you think about it, it's a very natural, intuitive one. Both Happy Feet and Mad Max were directed by George Miller, after all, and both address environmental concerns in a very entertaining yet effective way.

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The Dates For Wasteland Weekend 2017 Have Been Announced

wasteland weekend 2017

The official dates for Wasteland Weekend 2017 have been announced, and this year will mark an expansion of Wasteland Weekend to five days due to popular demand (versus the previous four days). More time to witness!

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‘Fury Road’ Stunt Team Will Do Stunts For DCEU’s ‘Aquaman’

Whatever you think about the DC Expanded Universe (aka the “Snyderverse”) series of movies adapted from DC Comics material, it’s now got one positively good thing going for it: one of the main stunt teams for Mad Max: Fury Road has been assigned to be in charge of the stunts ...

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New Argument For The Mad Max Feral Kid Fan Theory?

Back in May of 2015 a new Mad Max fan theory began circulating the Internet that basically suggested that the Feral Kid from George Miller’s 1981 film The Road Warrior is the Max that appears in 2015’s Fury Road. The theory was first proffered on Cinema Blend and then gained steam ...

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There is no doubt that 'Mad Max: Fury Road Black & Chrome' is a very cool experience and I'm confident the majority of viewers will think so too. The real question is whether you want to spend $25 for it if you already bought the 2015 disc, especially given the lack of new features on this one.

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Ripoff Road: Check Out This Insanesly Brazen ‘Fury Road’ Chinese Knock-Off

Wow, can you say “cheap Chinese knock-off”? I mean, there are brazen rip-offs and then there are BRAZEN RIP-OFFS. Well, I’d say that Mad Sheila, a new Chinese movie for which a trailer has just been released, inarguably qualifies as a BRAZEN RIP-OFF. And in an era when Americans can’t ...

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Vroom! Krash! You’ll Love Driving & Smashing Into Things In MAD MAX


You gotta hand it to the creative minds behind this year’s output of Mad Max media: Fury Road, of course, and then the comics from Vertigo (yes, we know a lot of people hated ‘em) and now the new game from Avalanche Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive. They planned these works ...

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Tune into Twitch to watch a gameplay stream of the MAD MAX game

mad max gameplay

The team behind the upcoming Mad Max game, Avalanche Studios, will be hosting a gameplay stream on Twitch today. Viewers will get a deep look at the game’s car combat and customization, brutal melee combat, and the huge open world of the Wasteland ahead of the game’s release on Sept. 1. ...

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Antioch theater reopens on Monday after attack during ‘Mad Max’ showing

Wow, someone took the movie a bit too literally, maybe?? Jeez… NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An Antioch movie theater has taken “Mad Max: Fury Road” off their schedule after a man attacked three people during a showing of the movie last week. The cinema reopened its doors Monday night but ...

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