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A Closer Look At The Bikes of ‘Fury Road’

The insane cars and trucks of Mad Max: Fury Road have been hogging the spotlight, and quite deservedly, but thanks to the French MotoMag.com we now get a closer look at the beautiful bikes used by the Vuvalini gang (the old ladies). It’s kind of poetic that Miller would make a biker gang once again prominent since the villains of the first movie were a biker gang led by the creepy Toecutter.

mad_max_fury_road_moto_frd- mad_max_fury_road_moto_frd-27833 mad_max_fury_road_moto_frd-27856 mad_max_fury_road_moto_frd-27922 mad_max_fury_road_moto_frd-28085 mad_max_fury_road_moto_frd-32182 mad_max_fury_road_moto_frd-32190 mad_max_fury_road_moto_frd-32230 mad_max_fury_road_moto_frd-32294 mad_max_fury_road_moto_frd-32321 (1)

Source: MotoMag



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