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8 Reasons Why The Mad Max Franchise Is An Unlikely Success

GOOSE: Max, our movie’s a success. How?! MAX: I don’t know, Goose. I don’t know…

Recently I’ve been pondering the Mad Max franchise and wondering why it isn’t as big as certain other pop culture franchises (something for which there are both obvious and theoretical reasons). But I suppose we Mad Max fans should all just be grateful that it’s a franchise at all.

According to an article by Vanity Fair, there are 8 reasons why Mad Max is the most improbable pop culture franchise of all:

(1) First there’s the fact that Mel Gibson didn’t even intend to audition for the first Mad Max in 1979. It sort of happened on accident.

(2) Then there’s the fact that beginning director George Miller wasn’t even a practiced filmmaker at the time but rather a doctor.  Sounding pretty improbable yet? No?

(3) How about the fact that Miller and his business partner only had a budget of $350,000-$400,000? That’s peanuts by today’s standards, even accounting for inflation.

If this sounds interesting to you, read these and more fascinating factoids at the full article.

Mel’s as amazed as anyone.

Source: Vanity Fair



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