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5 Things That Delayed The Making Of ‘Fury Road’


It took 17 years for Mad Max: Fury Road to go from idea to fruition. What took so long? Here are some of the things that got in the way.

1. Hesitation

George Miller first got the idea for Fury Road back in 1998, but he initially resisted exploring the idea, feeling that he had already said everything he wanted to say creatively via the Mad Max world.

But the idea bit into him and just wouldn’t let go. A year later, while on a flight from L.A. to Australia, it all kind of came together in his mind.

2. 9/11

A few years later, in 2001, the movie was set to shoot. But then 9/11 happened.

“The American dollar collapsed against the Australian dollar, and our budget ballooned,” Miller is reported to have said. “I had to move on to ‘Happy Feet,’ because there was a small window when that was ready.”

3. Mel Gibson

Originally, Fury Road was going to star Mel Gibson once again but then the actor’s personal and public troubles got in the way: he was busted for drunk driving, neck deep in a messy battle with his girlfriend, got called out on anti-Semitism, and had a secretly recorded video of him going apes**t at a screenwriter circulated online, among other things.

4. Heath Ledger’s Death

Heath Ledger was then considered as an alternative to Gibson, but the actor died from prescription drug overuse not too long after The Dark Knight was released. Time to find yet another actor.

5. Nature

Miller had originally planned to shoot in the Australian Outback but by the time he and his crew were ready in 2010, nature conveniently decided now would be a good time, after so many years, of pouring torrential rain onto the desert. What was supposed to be an apocalyptic wasteland was suddenly in danger of becoming a tropical rainforest. The team thus scouted for another location and eventually chose the African country of Namibia.


Source: New York Post



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