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12 Desert Wasteland Movies


Over at PopMythology.com  is a list of 12 movies of what they call the “desert wasteland” sub-genre of post-apocalyptic films to watch while counting down the days until Fury Road.

Here’s their list of twelve in a nutshell, but for the full descriptions and rationale of the choices, check out the article:

1. The Road Warrior

2. Le Dernier Combat

3. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

4. Mad Max

5. A Boy and His Dog

6. The Book of Eli

7. Hardware

8. The Blood of Heroes

9. Steel Dawn

10. Six-String Samurai

11. Tank Girl

12. Fist of the North Star

Source: 12 desert wasteland films to see before ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ | Pop Mythology 



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